The appropriate counseling is very important to ensure that the operations you carry out in the art market are done with all the guarantees.


We carefully study and investigate the works of art as a previous step to confirm the authorship of the piece, its period or school, technique, and conservation condition. We investigate the history or origin of the work, its bibliography, and exhibitions where it might have been exhibited. This catalogue is essential to determine its value in the art market.

Cataloguing, Aficionarte, Asesoramiento integral en Arte


To authenticate works of art, when it is necessary, we collaborate with prestigious national and international experts and we request the certificate from the specialist or the committee that correspond in each issue. Not all certificates of authenticity that are circulating on the market have the same validity that they are supposed to have.

Authentication, Aficionarte, Asesoramiento integral en Arte


In occasions it is convenient to compose a list of the goods (painting, furniture, objects, jewellery, etc.). This is what we call inventory, a very useful document to keep a precise control of the number of items in large collections or inheritances. This list of works also serves as the basis for the drafting of wills or bequests and for the division or distribution of assets in equitable lots.

Inventory, Aficionarte, Asesoramiento integral en Arte


The appraisals we carry out are based on the characteristics of each piece, on the analysis of the art market and on the registry of sales of similar art works in the last years. The purposes can be diverse: to buy or sell, to insure pieces or collections, request compensation in case of losses or damages, draft a will, accept an inheritance or divide assets in equitable lots.

Appraisal, Aficionarte, Asesoramiento integral en Arte

Buying and Selling

We advise you on what is the best channel to sell and we manage the entire process, either on the national or the international market. If you are going to buy, we analyse your options and/or recommend you artists, looking for your desired piece on the art market. We bid for you in auctions. We introduce you to an artist to create a commissioned work according to your necessities or preferences.

Buying and Selling, Aficionarte, Asesoramiento integral en Arte

Other services

We recommend the best specialists in the art world (packaging, shipping, restoration, lighting, framing, installation, legal advice, import and export, etc.) and we keep track throughout the entire process.

Other services, Aficionarte, Asesoramiento integral en Arte

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