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We advise you about art collecting:

  • Cataloguing works of art
  • Certificates of authenticity by accessing the most appropriate specialists
  • Valuations for insurance companies and equal shares on inheritance.
  • Dealing on buying and selling at the art market
  • Export and import procedures
  • Services around art keeping: restoration, shipping, packing, lighting

Close contact with the client offering highly personalised but discreet service. My goal is to be your trusted person in the art market and to share with you my experiences and knowledges in the art world.

About me: Enjoying Art Experiences


Art is all around not only in museums. Art is more than a finished work of art. I encourage you to experience art by meeting the artists. I invite you to join me visiting the artist´s studios to enjoy the art process.

These are some of the artists that I suggest you to experience and enjoy